Landscaping in our lives

As a result of the evolution of science and increasing the control of the machine increased human suffering and increased life and complexity and rigidity and to break the deadlock in our daily lives it became necessary to return to nature, which is still the only recourse to alleviate the pressures of life in general thanks to its natural plants and colors, The water and its movement bring peace and tranquility. The importance of this science is not limited to the home and the workplace. It has become an urgent necessity with the expansion of cities and the retreat of green spaces within cities. The reality of cities requires us to create public parks that are not limited to aesthetics Guardian of the region, but it purifies the air of smoke, dust and reduce the noise and soothing heat of the region in summer and from here to crystallize us the importance of science parks and ornamental plants coordinate as science is a painting variable with the succession of the seasons give psychological comfort and intellectual recipe aesthetic and environmental and health.

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